After attending USC Film School in Los Angeles, California, I worked as a Feature Story Analyst for the Disney Sunday Movie department on the Disney Studio lot in Burbank.  I read hundreds of feature spec scripts and wrote reviews for the executives at Disney.  During that time I teamed up with a friend and we wrote a great TV spec script.  Paul Haggis (CRASH, CASINO ROYALE) read our spec and hired us as staff writers for his MTM sitcom, City.

What followed was a decade-long, successful career as television staff writers.  My partner and I wrote for sitcoms and single-camera comedies, like Veronica's Closet, Parker Lewis, Doctor, Doctor, and various pilots, including one for Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald (former producing partners of Steven Spielberg). We later developed the half-hour, single-camera, television version of the John Hughes movie, Weird Science, and served as Co-Executive Producers on the show for three years, running the writers room, supervising casting sessions, production meetings,  post production and final cut.

My partner and I amicably parted ways and I continued as a solo act.  I wrote a one hour pilot for ABC, and got a job as head writer of Dawson's Creek.  This was followed by a staff job on a MGM show called She Spies, and freelance assignments for both Desperate Housewives, Star Trek: Enterprise, and the recent CW series, Reaper.

The un-aired television pilots I wrote aren't listed, but otherwise, you can find my complete professional credits HERE.

During the course of my  career I've worked in both comedy and drama.  I've been a show runner, listening to agents pitch me their stable of writer clients.  I've read piles of spec scripts to find the writers that were perfect for my show.  I know from experience what makes a spec script stand out.

Seeing your name on the movie or TV screen (which makes what you do "real" for your family and friends) is only part of the allure of the profession.  There's the camaraderie of the writers room, the intimate bond you establish with the actors who speak your words, and the thrill and energy of being on set, watching something you imagined come to life in just a few days!  

Television and feature writing can be lucrative and glamorous careers.  But to get your first job, you have to know your craft.  You have to be able to write a great spec TV or Feature script. It takes ambition, talent, fortitude, and skill.  You bring your ambition and talent and I'll help you improve your skill as a writer.  I'm ready to share my twenty years of actual writing experience to help new writers become powerful competitors in the marketplace.  I want to see you get hired on a show and begin your career in this amazing business.  To find out how to schedule a private phone consultation with me, go HERE
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